Jason Pollack – Jim’s Pool Care Umina


Why did you join the Jim’s Pool Care team?

After working in a government area for many years, I could not see myself working for anyone else again including working night shifts, weekends or working a 9 to 5 job. I also was not keen on the idea of long commuting to work each day. I looked at a number of business opportunities including franchises for sale in different industries including another pool servicing franchises.

The final decision came down to a few points.

Firstly I like the idea of the reputable brand name of Jim’s being well known and respected and the support systems in place as it was my first experience in franchising and the right support is critical to success.

I liked that with Jim’s that there is a base fee each month compared to a percentage of income.

I also liked that there were no mandatory written targets and requirements in regards to business growth and income that had to be achieved by a set period time within the contract.


What benefits you see it having for you?

  • The ability to make my own business decisions.
  • Grow my business at my own pace to the size I want.
  • Flexibility in the jobs I take on and the days and hours I work.
  • Flexibility to suit family commitments and needs.
  • Ability to match and exceed the income that I previously earned after one and a half years in business.


What is the hard part of starting a business?
The initial hard step of starting a new business is the financial side. Apart from obtaining finance if required for the business and a van, you need to ensure you have a realistic planned budget and enough startup capital you to ensure you can cover your first few months of expenses whilst growing the business.

This is the biggest stress of any new business owner and is really crucial. Getting out of your comfort zone and doing new things to try and grow your business can be hard. Examples of this is knocking on doors and talking to new people, setting goals, writing them down and planning how to achieve them.


What motivates you each day to get out there and grow or improve it?

I would like to retire comfortably and have all debts paid off. I would like to have a few nest eggs for my children and grandchildren to help them kick start their futures. My aim is to grow the business so I can be less on the tools and focussing more on business development.


What things you have done to grow it, ideally mention everything, regardless if it worked short term?

I religiously send mail outs at the beginning and end of the pool season. I include magnets that people keep on their fridges which in turn has created a regular client base within my territory. Also I receive casual call outs for equipment failures and green pools. Most customers keep magnets and are more likely to open a direct marketing letter if there is something in there that piques their interest. I ensure that I am regularly doing 5-a-side with pamphlets in the mailboxes or adjoining clients.

One year we did the local regional show to try and increase the brand presence on the Central Coast. While the stall was very well received by showgoers, there was little increase in sales and clients to warrant repeat investment.

I also joined a business networking group that has allowed me to build some key relationships with other trades and we will refer work to each other where possible.


What you really like about the business?

  • I work for myself but not by myself. I no longer have to deal with the bureaucracy of government or corporate worlds.
  • I love that I can work close to home, which reduces travel and flexibility to be involved in the kids school events and more time with my wife, kids and grandkids.
  • I enjoy the variety of work and the satisfaction and recognition from customers that are happy with the work I have carried out.

Where you see yourself/your business in coming years?

I see my business continuing to grow and expand into possibly 2-3 vans across the coast with the option of opening a shop or buying out a competitors shop.

For myself, as much as I enjoy the sales and installation side of my business, I would like to see myself eventually getting off the tools so that I can continue to expand the business and provide award winning service.

I also see myself possibly as a franchisor one day, so that I can help expand the well recognised Jim’s Pool Care Brand and help and support other Franchisees to grow their business to the level they desire and reach their own personal goals.


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