With the weather warming up in Brisbane the need and demand for pool cleaning has risen sharply. We encourage pool owners to be proactive and test their pools on a regular basis either with a home  test kit, local pool shop or engage one of our local Jim’s Pool Care mobile pool service technicians.  You also need to ensure you have increased your running times up to around 8 hours per day to ensure plenty of filtration time and time for salt water chlorinators to produce the required chlorine swimming pools in Brisbane need.

Why do Cleaning?

Christmas is only 4-5 weeks away so if you want a sparkling swimming pool on Christmas day plan ahead.  If you need a hand with a Mobile Pool Cleaning visit, you had better book now as our Jim’s Pool Care team and most pool shops service techs will book out quickly from here to Christmas.  If you think your equipment needs upgrading for this season then we would also recommend to get a free quote now and have it installed as many suppliers shut dow through the holiday period. We love warm water here in Brisbane so happy summer swimming!

The Jim’s Pool Care Team.

Brisbane Pool Cleaning by Jim's Pool care