In this video, Jim Penman makes his first great point which will help you deliver great customer service, ‘The key thing about customer service is it comes from the heart and not the head.’ If you really genuinely care about amazing customers and you’re the kind of person who would be offended to see a job that’s not perfectly done, if you are upset if you let someone down by not returning a phone call or being late, then you have the right attitude. It is a kind of emotional attitude which you will need to cultivate, rather than an attitude of just trying to make money, as this kind of attitude will lead you to cutting corners. Money should not come first, the customer should come first. Jim explains that when he first started out, he had no capital, but he just loved making his customers delighted at the good work he had done. He would mow their lawns to the very best he could, he wouldn’t be able to leave it unless it was perfect. He had no idea it was going to become successful, he just did it by amazing and delighting customers.