In this video, Jim Penman goes through some key steps to building a big organization. The first tip is to start off small and slowly build your way up. Start with a business, learn it very well and expand from there. If you have the right kind of character, if you can about customers, if you’re efficient and well organized, it’s not too difficult to do that well. The next stage is to employ staff, which is where it gets harder. You have to be prepared to try a few different people because it is rare to find the right person straight away. When you find someone good, look after them very well; show them opportunities and give them a route to the future. Jim gives us some invaluable advice when he explains that most people think success is doing a normal job everyday and then one day having a brilliant idea, then the next minute you are a multi-millionaire. But it never, ever works that way! Success is little decisions all the time. Jim explains that when he started off just mowing, he was constantly looking for ways he could do a better job. ‘There is not one day of my working life, in the past 40 years, that I haven’t asked myself the question: How can I do it better?’ We must have that sense of humility to understand that ‘our way’ of doing things could be improved. We may make mistakes along the way, in fact it is impossible not to, but we keep learning, we keep listening and we encourage people to tell us what we are doing wrong. Jim is also always asking people for advice, reading books about business and other people’s success which inspires him.