In this video, Jim Penman explains his view that too many people chase chimeras. People want to be an online guru, an entertainer, a high-tech entrepreneur and these are all great if you can get there. But the fact is that 99% of people who go after that are not going to succeed. But if you go out there with a lawn mower or a window squeegee, then you can succeed. You have to be determined, you have to get through the early stages but you can be successful. And there’s no upper limit to the success you can reach. It is much easier to succeed in an area where the competition is so poor. Because people think that manual labour is not worth doing. But if you have that kind of willingness to work physically and take pride in doing a great job, it’s a great business. And it’s also got flexibility. Those who have higher paying jobs, may have to work in the city and commute hours each day to get to and from work, leaving no family time left. But the great thing about a service business is that you can work from home, you can work the hours you want. Which is why service business is great, you can have the flexible lifestyle, yet still produce an income that’s at least as good as any other option.