A Guide to Pool Fencing Safety

The backyard swimming pool is a way of life in Australia and reflects our passion for an outdoors lifestyle. It is a symbol of fun, recreation, family and exercise in many of our homes today.  However, it is a sad reality that the most common cause of death for Australian […]

Jim’s Pool Care is now in Carindale

Do you own a Pool in the Carindale area?

If you own a swimming pool in the Carindale area your life just got a whole lot easier. We have a great franchise owner in the area named Greg who loves to help pool owners. He even has a mobile pool shop […]

Are you ready Cronulla Pool Owners?

Jim’s Pool Care Gains a New Mobile Pool Shop in Cronulla!
Are you a pool owner in Cronulla? Because we have a pool cleaner just for you! Mat has just become a franchise owner in the Cronulla area and he is looking forward to helping you to get the best pool […]

Jim’s Pool Care Gives Back


Every year at the Jim’s Pool Care Conference, we love to participate in fun team building exercises. This year, we had the opportunity to not only have fun during our team building exercise, but we also got to build something else… bikes! We were lucky enough to have Mick from […]

Spring is here – it is swimming pool time

Springtime is Pool Prep Time – Are You Ready for the Long Hot Summer?
Summer is right around the corner and you want to make sure your pool is sparkling clean and swim-season ready.
What could be better than diving into your own glistening clean pool on a hot summer’s day? The […]

Jim’s Pool Care 2018 Gala Awards


Hard to believe this was the 10th Conference for Jim’s Pool Care. While we put a lot of effort into making the conference run smoothly, the Awards night is the night we want to be 100% perfect.

Feedback shows that the Awards evening was enjoyed by many. Thank you to everyone […]

Jim’s Pool Care – 2018 National Conference


Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 Conference in Port Douglas QLD. Our theme was 2020 Vision and we hope you all focus on where you want to be by the year 2020 and have a great season ahead.  Port Douglas was a wonderful town to visit and explore. Based on feedback, the Conference […]

Jim’s Pool Care Hits 100 Franchisees

The Jim’s Pool Care Team has grown to more than 100 Mobile Pool Shops across Australia, an amazing growth story!
Jim’s Pool Care has just reached the milestone of 100 franchisees across Australia. What an amazing growth and success story from humble beginnings.

The Jim’s Pool Care division begin in 2004 in […]

Shutting Your Swimming Pool Down for Winter is Not Always the Best Option

You love your pool, right? It is a feature of your outdoor living area and you want it to always look its best, even through winter.
Imagine your pool glistening through those sunny winter day garden parties and just providing the pool view that you love when sitting in your sunroom […]

Jim’s Pool Care Wins in South Australia Awards

My goodness James, you have done it again, 2017 and 2018!

One of our long standing Franchisees and Franchisors in South Australia has taken out yet another award at the 2018 SPASA Awards of Excellence in SA.  James Lunnay has been in the industry for over 20- years and this Silver […]

Six Pool Items Every Pool Owner should have

By James Lunnay

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the Swimming Pool Industry for 30yrs. During this time I have worked in both Commercial Swimming Centres as a Lifeguard, Swimming Instructor and Centre Manager. I now primarily work in Domestic Pools to help Maintain and educate home users […]

Jim’s Wins NSW SPASA Awards again

Breaking Pool Care News
Jim’s Pool Care recognised at the NSW & ACT Awards of Excellence held by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA)
Jim’s Pool Care has been recognised for outstanding achievements in creativity, innovation and professionalism at the NSW SPASA Awards of Excellence held on 9 June […]

Every Pool Needs a Pool Cleaner

Every Pool Needs a Pool Cleaner
Article by: Clive Wilbraham (Jim’s Pool Care – Sydney North West)
There are 3 main types of automatic pool cleaner. Suction, Pressure & Robotic.
Suction Pool Cleaners
Suction cleaners like Barracudas or Kreepy Kraulys attach by a pool hose to the skimmer. When the pool runs, the suction […]