A Guide to Pool Fencing Safety

The backyard swimming pool is a way of life in Australia and reflects our passion for an outdoors lifestyle. It is a symbol of fun, recreation, family and exercise in many of our homes today.  However, it is a sad reality that the most common cause of death for Australian […]

Strata Management or Body Corporate Pool Services

Jim’s Pool Care is always ready to help customers of all sizes to manage and maintain any pool system. Whether you are in Strata Management, Aquatic Centre industry or Body Corporate, one of our Jim’s Pool Care technicians is ready to give you a visit and discuss a detailed maintenance […]

Another Frantastic Review for Steve at Jim’s Pool Care

At Jim’s Pool Care, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we appreciate any feed back we receive. Here is a recent review we received from one of our valued customers:


‘I am happy to recommend Steve from Jim’s Pool Care Bull Creek. Before Steve starting looking after our pool […]

Jim Penman – Success in business is little decisions all the time.

In this video, Jim Penman goes through some key steps to building a big organization. The first tip is to start off small and slowly build your way up. Start with a business, learn it very well and expand from there. If you have the right kind of character, if […]

How to Replace the Wishbone in your Pool Pole


Have you ever been trying to scoop leaves out of your pool and the net just keeps falling off? Well, this could be due to an old wishbone which may need to be replaced. Here is a quick video to show you how to replace it quickly and easily:



Call Jim’s […]

Brown Flooded Pools

Townsville has been hit with devasting rain and flooding which has caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to property. In less than two weeks, 1.4 metres of rain fell which is roughly double of what falls on London in a year. And pool owners are left with the […]

Jim Penman – Technology or Service Based Business?

In this video, Jim Penman explains his view that too many people chase chimeras. People want to be an online guru, an entertainer, a high-tech entrepreneur and these are all great if you can get there. But the fact is that 99% of people who go after that are not […]

Glowing Testimonial Received for Jim’s Pool Care Cairns Team

At Jim’s Pool Care, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we appreciate any feed back we receive. The Cairns Pool Service team do their best everyday and with a smile. Here is a recent pool service review we received from one of our valued customers:


‘We had previously had […]

Jim Penman – Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jim Penman explains to us that the best advice, is that the service industry is the way to go. Many people think that society is losing the middle area of income owners; that we have all the higher professions like your lawyers, doctors and educators, and then you have the […]

Great Moment from One of Our Jim’s Pool Care Customers


‘Thanks for keeping our pool in tip top shape for our family’s swimming enjoyment. It has certainly played a big role in Klara’s achievement this morning – she won the 12 yo girls State championship 50 free final at MSAC. A proud moment for our family!’ – Peter



If you would […]

Green to Clean in Only 3 Days!


Greg from Jim’s Pool Care Carindale worked his magic on this pool clean up in Brisbane.


Pools will normally turn green due to extreme weather conditions, such as heat waves or intense rain. These conditions are ideal for algae growth and it can be a tricky thing to get your pool […]

Jim Penman – If Jim was to start again in business, what would he change?

Jim Penman explains that the first mistake that he did at the beginning of his journey was that he didn’t charge high enough. He said that, back in 1982, he was making anything between 4 to 6 hundred dollars a week, but if he had charged properly he could have […]

Australia Introduces its First Multi-Level Wave Pool


You thought your pool was high maintenance, image the pool maintenance on this giant wave pool! This may look like a giant sink plug in the middle of a pool, but this is actually Australia’s First Multi-Level Wave Pool. Thanks to Surf Lakes International, this awesome construction was built for […]