A Guide to Pool Fencing Safety

The backyard swimming pool is a way of life in Australia and reflects our passion for an outdoors lifestyle. It is a symbol of fun, recreation, family and exercise in many of our homes today.  However, it is a sad reality that the most common cause of death for Australian […]

How Much Does Pool Cleaning Cost?

This is a good question and it often depends on a few different things such as the size of the pool or whether it’s a one off clean or regular pool service program. The most important question to ask is, what do you get for the money you pay?

Let’s take […]

What is Wind Skirting?

When outdoor pool covers are installed to most domestic swimming pools, they reach the edge of the pool and sit on the water. Wind does not affect the pool cover as the wind will not lift the cover: the pool cover edge is right up to the edge of the […]

Remember to Check Your Salt Levels!

Why is it important to check your salt levels in your pool? Salt is required in pools that run a Salt Water Chlorinator. The salt in the water acts as a conductor to enables a process called electrolysis to take place and chlorine is produced.  Each hour your Salt Chlorinator […]

Jim Penman – Coming back from failure?

Jim Penman gives us a refreshing confession of his fallibility and weaknesses. He explains that there are a lot of things which could have made him fail in business, but one quality which he has which got him through was his resilience. What he means by resilience is that he […]

Pool Heating – What you need to know.

Have you ever had those days where the weather is perfect, and you wish the pool was warm enough to swim in? Why not get the most out of your pool with an investment in a heating system? The following are the three options to heat your swimming pool. 

Solar Pool […]

Daisy Pool Covers aims to make pool owners more proactive

The pool cover specialists, Daisy, have announced a once-a-month ‘Daisy Day’ activity for pool owners. It aims at making pool owner more proactive in the off-season in regards to the maintenance and upkeep of their pools. 

Daisy Pool Cover’s is encouraging everyday pool owners to set aside a bit of time […]

Jim Penman – Character as the number one key to success?

What makes someone successful? Jim approaches this questions from a different angel then most people. A lot of people think that what you need to be successful is a whole lot of education, or you need capital, or you need to know the right people. But there is one thing […]

Led Pool Lights

Did you know that Jim’s Pool Care can not only take care of all your pool cleaning needs, but we can also help you install or fix LED pool lights in your pool. Now, AstralPool has brought out new SLX Pool Lights with the latest in LED Pool Light technology […]

Jim Penman – The future of franchising?

Jim Penman thinks that franchising will continue to be strong despite all the turmoil with the Retail Food Group. He also believes that the government is not doing nearly enough, the legalistics, having lawyers check out contracts, getting financial advisers to discourage – it’s all rubbish in Jim’s opinion. What […]

Autumn Sale at Jim’s Pool Care

Don’t miss out on our Autumn Savings, including a discount on our Regular Pool Cleaning Service and our Pool Equipment. Jim’s Pool Care is a mobile pool shop that comes to you! We will fix all your pool cleaning problems and take care of all your pool equipment. Check out […]

Jim’s Pool Care can convert your pool into a MagnaPool®

Jim’s Pool Care is offering free quotes to convert your pool into a MagnaPool®which will greatly enhance your swimming experience. What is a MagnaPool®? Well, utilizing the same minerals that are found in natural mineral springs, magnesium and potassium, a MangaPool®is gentle on the skin, hair and eyes. This greatly […]

Jim Penman – What books does Jim read on business?

In this video, Jim Penman lists some of his favourite books. One of the most influential books he ever read was ‘Behind the Arches’ about McDonald’s. From this book he learned about the passion for customer’s experience, cutting costs, improving service and looking after franchisees. Ray Krocs, first franchisees were […]