A Guide to Pool Fencing Safety

The backyard swimming pool is a way of life in Australia and reflects our passion for an outdoors lifestyle. It is a symbol of fun, recreation, family and exercise in many of our homes today.  However, it is a sad reality that the most common cause of death for Australian […]

Jim Penman – What are common mistakes in customer service?

In this video, Jim Penman explains to us what the common mistakes are in customer service. Firstly, one of the worst mistakes people make, Jim informs us, is that they neglect the value of time. People think that the main concern is to do the job well, which of course […]

Top Franchisee Interview – Scott Baumle


Scott Baumle

Jim’s Pool Care Noosa

Congratulations on your 2018 Franchisee of the Year Award.

Everyone here at Jim’s Pool Care wants to thank you for the effort you have put into your business in last few years, especially the last 12 months.It is impressive to watch your journey and many can learn from it.

First of […]

Jim Penman – How do you deliver great customer service?

In this video, Jim Penman makes his first great point which will help you deliver great customer service, ‘The key thing about customer service is it comes from the heart and not the head.’ If you really genuinely care about amazing customers and you’re the kind of person who would […]

Jim Penman – Why should you enter into a service industry?

Jim Penman believes that the service industry is the greatest potential there is in the modern world. If you look at other business types, such as manufacturing, it is really tough to get into because tomorrow someone can start up in Vietnam or China or Germany and it’s difficult to […]

Jim’s Pool Care is Partnering with Maytronics Robotics

Jim’s Pool Care has recently partnered with Maytronics Robotics to offer an official Jim’s Robotic Pool Cleaner. This Premium Cleaner has been called the one of the best Dolphin Pool cleaners ever made, built on a brand new and a highly advanced robotic platform.


Chris Papa, Business Director at Maytronics Australia, […]

An Interview with Tony Robertson – Jim’s Pool Care Wembley

Tony Robertson – Jim’s Pool Care Wembley

Why you got into Jim’s Pool Care? 

I got into Jim’s because of the ability to enjoy the outdoors everyday. I enjoy swimming pools and working with them seem like a good fit for me. Jim’s looked like the best model for this. It has been […]

Jim Penman – How do you decide which franchise business to buy?

In this video, Jim Penman goes through the best way to make a decision about which franchise to buy. He informs us that most of the Australian franchising code is useless, as they first require you to get a layer that’ll get the contract; which brings us into our first […]

Maytronics X40 plus Robotic Pool Cleaner from Jim’s Pool Care

Robotic pool cleaners are taking the world by storm. Traditionally a commercial cleaner now these Robotics are available to all domestic pool owners, with a range of options, features and price points.


This video demonstrates how a 4 year old can empty the top loading basket, hose it out, put the […]

Jim Penman – Should I buy a franchise?

In this video, Jim Penman goes through the different types of people and who would be best suited for a franchise. For instance, he mentions that if you do not like following guidelines and you’re a bit of a maverick, then a franchise probably isn’t right for you. However, in […]

Interview with Jim’s Pool Care Finalist for the Optus Business of the Year Award

Congratulations on being announced as a Finalist for the Optus Business of the Year Award, in the Home and Lifestyle Business of the Year category.
Ashley & Summer Hale – Jim’s Pool Care South Lake

What are your thoughts on being named a Finalist for the Optus My Business Home and Lifestyle Business of the Year Award?

We were […]

An Interview with a Franchisee – Jason Pollack from Jim’s Pool Care Umina


Jason Pollack – Jim’s Pool Care Umina

Why did you join the Jim’s Pool Care team?

After working in a government area for many years, I could not see myself working for anyone else again including working night shifts, weekends or working a 9 to 5 job. I also was not keen on the […]

Jim’s Exclusive Robotic Pool Cleaner by Dolphin

Wow, did you hear about Jim’s NEW Pool Care Robot by Dolphin?

These amazing little robots are now available from your local Jim’s Pool Care Mobile Pool Shop. Call today for a free demonstration!


This is a very hardworking machine which will clean the floor, wall and tile line of your pool. […]