Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast – Pool Service Testimonial


I write to you in my capacity as Secretary of the Body Corporate at Azzura Greens, wishing to thank you for the amazing Jim’s Pool Care team your Franchise has!

The very hot Christmas and New Year period has been hectic as usual at the resort, I counted 40 people in the pool at one stage!

I also noticed your staff attending at 10pm one night, which the on site maintenance team confirmed as there was a need to add more chemicals to the pool at an hour there were no people swimming.

To go out of your way to ensure the facility is operating and handling the excess traffic is fantastic and we really appreciate the effort and work Jason and his team have put into not only the pool but also in training and support for the caretaking team here who also do a magnificent job of keeping the jewel of the resort sparkling!

Thank you so much, from all at Azzura Greens.

Body Corporate Secretary
Azzura Greens