The pool cover specialists, Daisy, have announced a once-a-month ‘Daisy Day’ activity for pool owners. It aims at making pool owner more proactive in the off-season in regards to the maintenance and upkeep of their pools. 

Daisy Pool Cover’s is encouraging everyday pool owners to set aside a bit of time on the first Saturday in May, June, July and August to do two simple things. One, to remove their pool covers and two, to take a water sample in for testing. During this winter season, the risk rises for pool equipment and pool surface deterioration. This is why Daisy is encouraging this simple Daisy Day activity, as pool owners may not be aware of the benefit of simple preventive measures can have on your pool over the winter months. 

It may not seem obvious, but the company doesn’t actually stand to benefit directly from Daisy Day. Daisy Pool Covers just hopes that, in helping pool owners maintain their own pool more efficiently, the positive outcome will be more people enjoys their pools with less stress and headaches – which is a bonus for the whole industry.

Daisy Pool Covers are one the leading brands in the pool cover sector and they said that as a market leader, they have the responsibility to educate the industry and the wider community on what to do and what not to do. This is particularly the case when it comes to erroneous ideas around the adverse effects of pool covers on water balance and surface finish. According to the company, equipment failures and other mishaps is often caused by incorrect chemical balance in the water. Through Daisy Day and by encouraging participation by the general public, the hope is that the chemical issues are addressed and adjusted quickly, to minimise any unnecessary damage. 

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