In this video, Jim Penman explains to us what the common mistakes are in customer service. Firstly, one of the worst mistakes people make, Jim informs us, is that they neglect the value of time. People think that the main concern is to do the job well, which of course is important. But most customer problems are to do with things like not taking the phone call when somebody rings because most of the time if you miss that call, they will ring someone else and will not call you back. Every minute saved to get back to the client in time, makes it much more likely that you will book the job. And if you say that you’ll give a quote to them later because you cannot do it on the spot, get back to them promptly and follow up. If you can’t get through to them, send them a text, send them an email, but persistently follow up your calls. Persistently follow up your quotes. Never ever let a client down in any way.

Another mistake is that they are too focused on price and this comes from the retail industry where everything is focused on cost price. But this is not a good attitude for the service industry. If you are good, you will get busy very quickly and what determines your earnings is what you charge. Jim’s advice to those of us in the service industry, never compete on price. If there are three quotes given, you can be the dearest, you can be the middle. But never be the cheapest, you don’t want the cheap clients, you want the ones which will pay for great service. As you get better you can raise the price. Some of Jim’s franchisees are charging $200 an hour for gardening, and with great service you will never have to charge cheaply again.