Jim Penman believes that the service industry is the greatest potential there is in the modern world. If you look at other business types, such as manufacturing, it is really tough to get into because tomorrow someone can start up in Vietnam or China or Germany and it’s difficult to compete with them, not to mention he massive amounts of capital needed. And on a similar note, retailing is equally bad because you are stuck with a location where there’s no traffic. Or you go to a shopping centre and be at the mercy of the shopping centre owner, and if it’s a franchisee you have to pay franchisee fees plus rent costs. And eventually your business can be taken off you. On the other hand, the service industry is much easier to get into to, it requires much less investment and will be cheaper for you in the long run. Most service businesses don’t require much training, unless of course you wanted to be a plumber or electrician. But generally, they don’t require a lot of education or capital and they are a fantastic opportunity to grow without any upper limits.