Did you know that Jim’s Pool Care can not only take care of all your pool cleaning needs, but we can also help you install or fix LED pool lights in your pool. Now, AstralPool has brought out new SLX Pool Lights with the latest in LED Pool Light technology which encompasses features not found in other pool lights on the market. So, if you don’t have LED Pool Lights installed, there has never been a better time. 

These new SLX Pool Lights really give the perfect enhancement to your pool at night. And with 7 standard colours to choose from, they can be perfectly matched to give any desired effect. There is also 3 Colour Transition Modes (Smooth, Fade and Disco) which cycle through all the different colours to really give your pool parties an added elevation and take them to the next level. Don’t want something too bright or flashy? The new SLX Pool Lights also have brightness levels so you can not only set the right colour and Mode, but also choose the right level of output to suit any evening.

After these are installed, you will notice that there is minimum intrusion into the pool due to the slime profile of the SLX Pool Lights. Plus, the one-piece moulding prevents any water ingress or damages. 

And don’t forget, a Jim’s Pool Care Expert can not only install these amazing new SLX Pool Lights into your pool, but we can also fix any light problems you may be having with your current LEDS.

Call us today for a free on-site quote and take your pool to the next level with the new SLX Pool Lights by AstralPool! 131 546 

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