Have you ever had those days where the weather is perfect, and you wish the pool was warm enough to swim in? Why not get the most out of your pool with an investment in a heating system? The following are the three options to heat your swimming pool. 

Solar Pool Heating

This is one of your best options when it comes to heating your pool water. This is because it relies on the sun’s rays to heat your pool, which is the most economical way to heat your pool. Solar panels (or strips) are installed on your roof and can fit most sizes and shapes as they are custom made to suit all roof types. When a pool blanket is added, the suitable times for swimming can be extended by 3-4 months. 

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Heat Pumps have been designed to heat your pool in a cost effect way and without the use of gas. It is powered by electricity and works very similar to an air conditioner but in reverse. It takes heat from the atmosphere and diverts it to your pool water. Once the water has reached its desired temperature, the heat pump will slow down, saving on electricity costs. The great thing about heat pumps is that they do not require sunshine to operate and will work in temperatures as low as 7 degrees. 

Gas Pool Heating

Gas heaters can come in indoor or outdoor units. The installation process is quite simple and can be connected to your current filtration system. All that is needed is a gas line and some additional plumbing. Gas Heaters have various sizes available and your local Jim’s Pool Care technician can recommend an ideal unit based on temperature requirement and heat up times. 

To find out more information about these three types of pool heaters, contact your local Jim’s Pool Care Expert on 131 546

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