(Central Coast, NSW)


Q1. Tell us about yourself.  Where you live, territory, Family, background,  what you like to do, hobbies

I live in Blackwall NSW which is located in the middle of my Territory of Umina. I come from a law enforcement background. I have 3 kids and my hobbies include Camping and woodworking


Q2. What  work experiences do you come from previously?

Growing up as a child my parents owned their own business. Shortly after leaving school I run my own business within the Security industry for many years before joining the NSW Police. I was in the NSW Police for just over 12 years, before deciding for a career and lifestyle change.


Q3.  Why did you choose Jims Pool care, What appealed to you about your Franchise?

I grew up in and around pools as a child. Competing in swim meets weekly at my local pool as well as enjoy backyard pools with family and friends. I always remember the occasional time when I would go to family or friends places on a hot day eager for swim only to find it was dirty or green, which in turn would disappoint. Other times when the pools were clean and healthy as well as swimming in my own backyard pool, saw and created so many memories for myself, friends and family members. These were as a result of clean and healthy pools.

I looked at numerous franchises in a few different fields as well as the Pool industry. After seeing the Add for Jims Pool Care, I knew the name ‘Jims’ straight away and the great reputation and feedback from people towards the name. I also knew that they had been around for a long time. I chose the Jims Pool Care because I saw an opportunity to enjoy being around pools and the potential to help other people and their families, with the ongoing maintenance, supplies and upkeep of their pools which would help them and their families experience memories for a long time to come, because their pool was clean, healthy with updated equipment, which allows the pool to become part of great memories as appose to a nightmare or hassle.

I made the final decision based on the franchise system and support along with the fee structure.


Q4. What are your plans for the next 24 months to 5 years 

To grow my business to a point where I can be financially free, purchase another territory and purchase another home within my Territory.