Melbourne Pump Repair

Melbourne Pump Repair

Pool Pump Not Working? Jim’s Pool Care Melbourne Can Fix Your Pool Pump Problems Easy

Is Your Pool Pump Causing You Drama And You Don’t Know Where To Turn? Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service In Melbourne Is The Answer

To maintain the quality of your pool water a good pool pump in excellent working order is imperative.  Jim’s Pool Care Melbourne knows all about pumps and will give you the right advice.

Jim’s pump repair service in Melbourne will come to your home and check out your pool pump. In assessing your pool pump these are the things we will look for:

  • Is your pool pump warranty still valid?
  • So just what is the problem with the pool pump: capacitor, bearings, electrical short etc? The severity of the problem will help decide the outcome.
  • What is the age of the motor ?
  • Is it going to be cheaper to fix the pool pump or replace it – what are the long term costs and benefits?

The experts at Jim’s Pool Care Melbourne will give you the right advice. We stock a complete range of quality pumps as well as pool pump parts and accessories.

Too much for too little? How does the power of your pool pump stack up against your pool volume, environment and usage?

Oversized pool pumps are not only over-kill in terms of keeping your pool clean, they also chew through electricity, costing you way more than you need to be spending. On the other hand, you don’t want a pool pump that just doesn’t have the grunt and won’t do the job required for your pool.

Jim’s pool pump specialists will advise you on exactly the right pump for your pool based on your pool’s volume.

Other things to keep in mind

How long since your last sand change? What about your filter? It is important to keep up the maintenance of your pool so that it is always in peak condition. Jim’s Pool Care Melbourne is fully equipped to help you with all of this.

Other tips to save you money

  • Use a pool cover – this will not only prevent water from evaporating, it will prevent dust and debris from entering the pool – thus reducing the need to pump as much.
  • Like we said, check the size of your pool pump and determine whether a smaller pump would do the job just as effectively.
  • Check the energy efficiency of your current motor, upgrading could save you heaps in energy bills.

It is important to make sure that your pool pump is doing the job it is meant to do – and that is to keep your pool sparkling clean always. Don’t waste money, time or effort with an ineffective or poorly performing pump any longer.