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Whatever You Want for Your Pool – Cleaning, Care or Products – Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool Has It All

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At Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool we are here specially to make sure your every swimming pool and spa need is met. Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool can help you with:

  • Regular pool maintenance
  • One-off pool cleaning
  • Pool pump repairs and new pumps
  • Green pool recovery
  • Salt water chlorinators and filters
  • Robotic and automatic pool cleaners
  • Safety inspections and CPR certificate
  • Onsite water testing
  • Inflatable toys and leisure products
  • Pool lighting
  • Pool design and installation advice.

Pool an Unseemly Green? Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool will Have It Clean in No time

We know you’re busy and sometimes you just don’t have the time to maintain your pool and keep it clean – unfortunately that’s when the green monster can enter your pool and turn it from clean to green in what seems like the blink of an eye. But Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool can restore that pool in virtually no time Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool really are the experts when it comes to green pool rescue. We know what to do and how to do it and your pool will be back to pristine and safe to swim in in a matter of days, rather than the weeks it would take you to try to achieve the same result – if at all.

So do the sensible thing and call Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool.

Thinking About Pool Heating? Call Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool

Heating your pool is a great way to enjoy your pool for longer and Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool has a range of heating options from solar, to electric, to gas. Chat to your Jim’s Pool Care expert Liverpool to learn about these options and what would be best suited to your pool size and volume as well as your budget. Make sure you look at the energy saving accessories like pool blankets and rollers from Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool – you’ll find everything right on board the mobile pool shop that comes right to your door.

Robotic or Suction? Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool Has the Answers

Keeping your pool clean’s a cinch with Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool. Not only can we come to your home on a regular basis to maintain your pool, Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool also offers one-off pool cleans and can give you expert advice on the right cleaner for your pool and your budget – suction, robotic or automatic.

Call in Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool for Your Pool Safety Certificate

Making sure your family and friends are safe around your pool is a top priority at Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool. Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool will come and inspect your pool fence, survey the boundaries making sure they are clear with no climbable objects anywhere in sight. Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool will make sure there are no large gaps under the fence where a child could slip through and we will also inspect the gate for safe self-closing. We will inspect everything according to NSW government standards and issue you with your pool safety certificate.

Call Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool for complete swimming pool and spa care.