Pool Pump Repairs and Sales

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Pool Pump Repairs and Sales

Jim’s pool pump repairs and sales

If your pump is noisy or if it is just not working then call us to come out and have a look for you. We will be able to take it away and have it looked at and also provide your quotes and options for a new pool pump and even the new energy savings pump.

Pool Pump Repairs

Sometimes those old pumps are just not worth fixing, but we will do our best to breathe life into them if we can for a reasonable price.

We sell all brands of NEW Pool Pumps, just ask us for an onsite quote

By contacting Jim’s Pool Care Servicing today you will have access to an onsite quote and also to our complete range of pool pumps, all brands, all price points and a full range of warranties. Call us on Ph: 131546

Call us today on 131 546 for your Onsite Pool Pump quote

Should I repair my Pool Pump?
Good question. Our answer usually leans customers towards a new pump as you can purchase a basic new pool pump for a little more than a repair and you will get the full warranty. This is not to say that some pumps are not worth repairing. Our team will discuss the pros and cons of fixing an older pump with the benefits of installing a new pump or energy efficient pool pump.

Why New? Because we would hate to see any customer waste money and throw good money after bad. Many pump repairs will only have up to a 12 week warranty on the actual repair, so if something else fails, you are then up to fix that next. By this time you would have been better of getting a new pump. It is a case by case decision but keep an open mind and ask lots of questions.

Locations we provide Pump repairs & Sales:

  1. Cairns (QLD)
  2. Townsville (QLD) 
  3. Sunshine Coast (QLD)
  4. Brisbane & Ipswich (QLD) 
  5. Coomera (QLD)
  6. Gold Coast (QLD) 
  7. Tweed Heads (NSW) 
  8. Newcastle (NSW)
  9. Sydney & Penrith (NSW) 
  10. Sutherland Shire (NSW)
  11. Wollongong & Shellharbour (NSW) 
  12. Albury (NSW) 
  13. Melbourne (VIC) 
  14. Adelaide (SA) 
  15. Perth (WA) 
  16. Central Coast
  17. Maitland
Pool Pump Repairs and Sales Australia

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Pool Pump Repairs and Sales Australia