Pool Pump Repair Brisbane

Pool Pump Repair Brisbane

For Pool Pump Repair in Brisbane
it’s Got to Be Jim’s Pool Care

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For the Best Service and Advice on Your Pool Pump Jim’s Pool Care Brisbane Has the Right Answers and the Experts to Steer You in the Right Direction.

Noisy pump? Cracked Housing or just plain old and obsolete? Time to call in Jim’s pool pump repairs for a quote on servicing your pump or a brand new replacement pump. We ensure we size the correct pump for your pool.

  1. Is your pump leaking?
  2. How is your water quality?
  3. Is your pump popping or clicking?

The first thing Jim’s pump repair service Brisbane will need to do is to determine what sort of state your pump is in. When you stop to consider it this pump has been baking in the scorching heat, suffering through near cyclonic conditions with pelting rain, winds and lightning – it’s really had to endure a lot. So what Jim’s Pool Care experts will help you do is to compare the cost of repairing the pump (parts etc.), with the cost of replacing it.

How Long Should a Pump Last?

Think about it. How often do you replace your car? What about your vacuum cleaner or washing machine? Would you keep these things hanging around for over 10 or 12 years? Then why try to fix something that is not only old and obsolete, it is more than likely wasting you many, many dollars on energy bills that can be cut back dramatically by installing a new pump.

All Brands, All New, All Guaranteed

Look no further than Jim’s Pool Care Brisbane for your brand new energy saving pump. You will get expert advice at Jim’s Pool Care because we know all there is know about pumps.

  1. How much water does your pump have to circulate?
  2. How often does it need to circulate the water?
  3. Is it a salt water chlorinated or chlorinated water pool?

All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding on the best pool pump for you. You want your pump to give you hassle-free pool maintenance and keep your pool sparkling clean always. You want it to run as silently as possible and to use as little energy as possible – when you talk to the experts at Jim’s Pool Care Brisbane, you know you will be getting the right advice that will ensure you have the best pump for your pool.

What About Heating? Get Extra Swim Time from Your Pool.

There’s no better time to talk about the heating possibilities for your pool than when replacing your pump. Jim’s Pool Care Brisbane will give you all the options – gas, solar, electricity. Just imagine swimming comfortably through winter and then diving into a delightfully cool pool in summer. Jim’s Pool Care Brisbane can make your swimming a joy all year round.

Viron Energy Saving Pool Pump

For expert pump repairs or the most comprehensive range of new pumps Jim’s Pool Care Brisbane has all the advice, brands, service and parts to get your pool pumping.