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Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Jim’s Pool Care can provide you with advice on heating your pool.  Depending your requirements you can get additional swimming time anywhere from a few extra months up to all year round.

Our pool maintenance technicians have access to the industry leaders in Pool Heating and can provide a FREE onsite quote to discuss your options.

Solar pool heating, pool heat pumps and gas pool heating quotes can be provided on site in a timely manner.

Sunbather Solar Pool Heating

Jim’s Pool Care are able to not just supply your solar pool heating system, but we can professionally manage the installation and maintain it for you as well.

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AstralPool Heat Pump

Jim’s Pool Care can supply your electric pool heating system and we can professionally install and maintain it for you as well.

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Does Pool Heating cost lots of money?

That is a great question and one that depends on several factors:

                1. What type of pool heating you choose
                2. What your requirements are to heat the pool
                  • Heat on demand
                  • Heat all year round
                  • Heat from the sun
                3. Your access to Gas and/or Electricity
                4. What your budget is
                5. What price you put on investing in your pool to get maximum value from it
                  • Eg.  Average domestic pool that costs $35,000 and gets 12 weeks swim time per year could double their swim time with a $4000 pool heating investment…

So why not find out the facts and call Jim’s Pool Care today for a FREE poolside quote on your swimming pool heating requirements.