Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas & Consultation

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Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas & Consultation

Pool lighting has come along way in recent years. With many pools now being a key feature of your back yard why not ensure that your pool lights work and that you can control the lights when you want. If your light switch is in a hard to get to spot then get us to provide you a quote on a remote control unit which can turn your pool and garden lights on inside the comfort of your home.

At Jim’s Pool Care we can provide you a range of retrofit halogen light’s along with the latest in LED Lighting. LED Pool lights now allow you to choose multiple colours at the flick of a switch.

We deal with all the major brands but have a look at one of our preferred suppliers site AMAZING LED COLOURS and then give us a call for an onsite quote.

Call Jim’s Pool Care Today for an onsite quote and to find out more.

Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas