Can Your Pool Pump Be Resurrected? Ask Jim’s Pump Repair Service Sunshine Coast If Your Pool Pump is Causing You Grief It’s Time to Call in the Experts at Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast.

If you’re a proud pool owner there’s little else worse than discovering your pool pump has not been doing its job and now your swimming pool and spa are looking a brighter shade of green.

If this is the case,there is no time to waste – you need to have that pool pump back in action and you need it fast – call Jim’s pool pump repair for quick and effective service along with some of the best pool advice available on the Sunshine Coast.

Replace or Repair? How can you tell the best course of action for your pump?

There are many issues you will be faced with when your pool pump is letting you down. To decide whether you should recondition your current pump or simply replace it, there are a few simple questions that may just guide you in the right direction:

Is pool pump noise becoming unbearable?

Loud screeching or grinding?

Humming, popping or clicking?

Or just plain nothing at all?

You could be looking at a range of problems from a leaky shaft seal to pool motor bearings to a blown capacitor to a frozen shaft. Don’t mess around with it – call in the pool pump specialists at Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast and know you are going to be given the right advice and the best range of pool parts and new pool pumps available on the Sunshine Coast.

Does Your Pump Just Look Old and Past It?

The housing may be cracked or the whole thing may be rotting. When your pump starts deteriorating it may be time you faced facts and had a look at Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast’s excellent range of major brand pumps. A new pool pump may involve an initial cost outlay, but the money it could save you in energy bills can be significant.

Ever consider How Old Your Pump Is?

It’s been running OK up until now so you haven’t stopped to think about it. You may have on old bronze pump or a cast iron job that was phased out at the turn of the century!  If your pool pump is older than 10 – 12 years, it’s seriously time to consider replacement. Besides the parts being obsolete, as we mentioned above a new pool pump will perform way better and recover your outlay in energy savings over the first 1 – 2 years.

It makes real sense to check out the range of excellent new pool pumps at Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast. Jim’s expert pool technicians will bring the entire range to you and offer advice on what type of pool pump is best for your pool based on size, design and environment.

For the right advice, the best range of pool pumps and expert service talk to Jim’s Pool Care

Sunshine Coast about your swimming pool and spa pump.