Pool Maintenance Sunshine Coast

Pool Maintenance Sunshine Coast

Enjoy Your Pool More with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Sunshine Coast

Why Be a Slave to Your Swimming Pool and Spa When Jim’s Pool Maintenance Sunshine Coast Does It All for You?

Let’s be honest, looking after your swimming pool and spa in a warm climate like the Sunshine Coast, does involve quite a bit of work. There’s a lot more to it than balancing the chemicals alone. You need to ensure that your pump is working, your timer is set correctly and that all of your spool equipment is in tip-top condition. Jim ‘s pool maintenance service Sunshine Coast takes care of the lot for you.

Call Up Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Sunshine Coast for an 85-Point Inspection

If there’s one thing Jim’s pool maintenance service Sunshine Coast really believes in – it is thoroughness. Everything we do, we do professionally, cutting no corners. Our 85-point inspection plan examines all of your pool’s equipment and gives you a comprehensive report on the status of all of your pool equipment. In the 85-point report, Jim’s pool maintenance service Sunshine Coast will look at:

  • Your pool and spa pump
  • Your solar pump if applicable
  • Filter
  • Salt water chlorinator
  • Your automatic chlorine/acid doser
  • Lights – are they all safe and working
  • The state of your automatic pool cleaner
  • Skimmer
  • All of your cleaning equipment
  • Other equipment.

Is the Size of Your Pool Pump Right for Your Pool’s Volume? Ask Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Sunshine Coast

It is very important to ensure that your pool pump is up to the task; on the other hand –  having a pool pump that is too powerful for your pool’s size will only waste you money on your energy bills. Have Jim’s pool maintenance experts on the Sunshine Coast visit your home to appraise you swimming pool and spa pump. You’ll be amazed at how much more effectively and cost- efficiently your pump will run with the right advice from Jim’s pool maintenance service Sunshine Coast.

Part of Maintaining Your Pool Means Checking Everything for Safety with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Sunshine Coast

You want to make sure your family is always safe in and around your pool – so that’s why you need Jim’s pool maintenance service Sunshine Coast to regularly maintain the safety standards of your swimming pool and spa. You want to make sure that the boundaries are clear, the fences are at least 1200mm high and there is nothing around them that can tempt little kiddies to climb onto the fence and over it. This can include things like table and chairs, pot plants, overhanging trees, bricks, ladders etc. Does you gate close automatically every time and do you have a CPR sign in a prominent position around your pool. If you don’t have a pool safety certificate Jim’s pool maintenance Sunshine Coast can issue you with one directly after conducting the safety inspection, and CPR certificates are available right from Jim’s mobile pool shop Sunshine Coast.

From looking after everything to taking care of pool safety, Jim’s pool maintenance Sunshine Coast is always here and happy to help.