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Keeping Your Pool Clean is Easy with Jim’s Pool Cleaning Service Sunshine Coast Automatic Pool Cleaners Are Great, but to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean You Need Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast

When it comes to keeping your pool clean and safe for your family’s enjoyment, there are four vital areas involved in ensuring that this is always the case:

  1. Expunge – you need to get rid of any organic matter in the water. That includes, leaves, bugs and any other plant or vegetable matter. You can use a cleaning aid such as a leaf rake or leaf eater, or you can simply get Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast to look after your swimming pool and spa pool on a regular basis.
  2. Filter – when it comes to removing finer particles from your pool you need to trap these in a filter. Make sure that you cycle your pump for long enough and that you ensure your porous media is clean, i.e. sand, cartridge, D.E. Jim’s pool cleaning service can help.
  3. Skim – make sure all of the floating debris (leaves, bugs etc.) is removed from the surface of the pool. The skimmer pulls water into the pumping system before leaves etc. sink to the bottom of your swimming pool.
  4. Clean the floor – there are a number of ways you can do this, from in-floor cleaning systems to automatic robotic cleaning systems. Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast has a complete range of the top brands of cleaning systems and will advise you on the best choice for your pool.

So You Have All Your Equipment in Place – But is it Doing Its Job?

Is Your Leaf Eater Lazy?

You want the right amount of suction from your Leaf Eater so that it will lift the debris off the bottom of your swimming pool. Whether you are using a wheeled model or a brush model you want to be sure it’s up to the task. Get Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast to test your leaf eater and give you some valuable advice on keeping your swimming pool and spa clean.

Does Your Filter Need Replacing?

Have Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast come to your home and check the status of your pool’s filter. Your sand filter may need to be backwashed or it may be time to replace it completely. If you are using a cartridge filter make sure that it presents clean after washing – otherwise, once again it may need replacing.  The same goes for Diatomaceous Earth Filters, replacing the DE is a simple job and Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast can show you exactly how this can be done.

How Long Since You Emptied Your Skimmer Basket?

It is vital that your skimmer basket is kept clean. You should be doing this job at least once a week, more – depending on your environment. If you live in a leafy area or are experiencing a bad storm season, you may even need to clean out your skimmer basket daily.

Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast is here to ensure your pool is always looking its best and ready for you to entertain guests or just have fun with the family.