An Amazing Growth Story! More than 125 Mobile Pool Shops Australia Wide

Jim’s Pool Care has just reached the prestigious milestone of 125 franchisees across Australia. This has been an amazing growth story for Jim’s and the Pool Industry since the humble beginnings of this Jim’s Group Division over 14 years. The Division owner Brett Blair has taken Jim’s Pool Care to new heights and is looking forward to consolidation of existing franchise units and exploring opportunities for growth ahead as this division continues to expand in key locations.

The Jim’s Pool Care division begin in 2004 in WA and was taken over by Brett and Kelli Blair in 2008. Since then, Brett and Kelli have invested their time and effort into improving the system and they have added tremendous value to the Jim’s Pool Care division by creating a community where all franchisees can be a part of a supportive and encouraging environment. With improved supply chain relationships and with the extra care and attention of the local Franchisors and suppliers the team has been able to offer their customers a wide range of innovative products and services in recent years. Every franchisee has the full support of the Jim’s Pool Care team behind them, so franchisees have been able to continue to learn, flourish and grow to the levels they have set for themselves, with the assistance of an open and positive culture of success.

Our Jim’s Family Continues to Grow!

Brett talks about his journey over the last 12 years, ‘It has been great to see this Jim’s division grow and we appreciate all the support from our franchisees, franchisors and amazing suppliers. Of course, we owe a big thank you to our thousands of swimming pool customers and pool owners around Australia, who use our services every week.’ Brett and Kelli take have admiration for all their franchisees and take pride in providing value to their system and are always trying to improve the model with feedback from the Franchisor and Franchisee team who are on the ground in the local areas.

Brett told us “The Franchisor team, trainers and suppliers are always around to lend a helping hand and be the first point of contact for new and established franchise owners. It has been great to watch the progress of our franchisees, often starting out a bit unsure, watching their confidence build through training and ending up as confident, professional business owners in their field. They all know their business success is ultimately up to them and how much effort and focus they put in, but they also know we are here to help and support that journey.”

Jim’s Pool Care is a one stop Mobile Pool Shop that helps pool owners with pool servicing, test and balance of pool water, pool pumps and pool equipment and the full range of pool accessories and chemicals. Jim’s Pool Care is also part of the trusted Jim’s Group of Companies that has now grown to more than 4500+ franchises.