6 of the Best Swimming Pool Storage Ideas

6 of the Best Swimming Pool Storage Ideas

Do you find it hard to find your swimming pool through a sea of inflatable toys? Struggle to find your goggles in the midst of other fun gadgets for the pool? In this article, we are going to go through some cool ideas to keep your pool area neat and tidy.

1. Use a wine rack to store clean towels.

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This is a clever way to decorate your backyard or home, by folding up those towels and putting them on a wine rack. Rather than letting all those cool beach towel designs go to waste, put them on display and keep them easily in reach.

2. Use a coat rack to dry off wet towels.

Another great idea for your pool towels is to put all the wet ones on a coat rack to dry out. Make sure the coat rack is waterproof and be sure to put it in a place where it won’t get rained on. This will keep them off the pool fence and keep the pool area feeling more organized.

3. Use a Wooden Pallet for noodle storage.

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This clever trend repurposes wooden pallets and uses them as prime real estate for noodles and other pool supplies. Add some colour to it by giving it a quick sand back and painting it to your taste. And if you really want to step it up a notch, add some hooks for towels and baskets to store other pool necessities.

4. Hang baskets on the fence for accessories.

If you want a cheap but creative solution to all those bits and pieces lying around the pool area, try grabbing some cheap baskets from the dollar shop and hanging them up on the fence. Colour code them for decoration and make those fun pool toys easier to access for the kids.

5. Keep your inflatable items in a cargo net.

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If you have a large wall near the pool with lots of available space, then it could be the perfect space to hang your large pool inflatables. All you need to do is grab yourself a cargo net, get some outdoor large hooks with non-damage adhesive on the back, and hang the net on the wall. Be sure to put enough space in between the hooks to allow easy access to the inflatables on the inside. This is also great for decoration and adding colour to your pool space.

6. Create your own floatable basket.

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This is a cheap and fun solution to keeping your pool toys in one basket. All this requires is cutting up a pool noddle and sticking it around a cheap basket using zip ties. That way, the basket can float in the pool whilst everyone gathers up all the toys, perhaps trying to chuck them in from a distance. This makes keeping the pool area tidy an easy job, and a fun game for the kids. You could even substitute the basket for a bucket, chuck some ice in it with some cans of drink and then you have your very own floating esky!

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