A Few Questions with Franchisor of the Year 2020

A Few Questions with Franchisor of the Year 2020

A huge congratulations to Jason Pollack of Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast for winning the 2020 Franchisor of the Year Award! Recently a new Franchisor, Jason has had a busy year this year and we look forward to seeing the growth which is sure to continue.

We had the chance to sit down with Jason and ask him a couple of questions in regards to his new role as a Jim’s Pool Care Franchisor:

How long have you been a Franchisor?

I purchased the region 1st July 2019 – 2 years end of this month.

What attributes do you think made you the Franchisor of the year winner in 2020?

I see my franchisees as my extended family and treat them accordingly. As with most families there will be the occasional hiccup or disagreement but we move through it with the main key of communication. As a Franchisor I don’t see my Franchisees as people who have bought a Jim’s Business, train them, they pay fees and see ya later kind of situation.

I see my position as someone that they can count on when needed and someone that can support them when ever required with business and even in some cases personally. But I think the main key is that I treat my Franchisees how I would like to be treated if the roles were reversed.

What do you enjoy about being a Franchisor?

I enjoy watching Franchises grow from the initial enquiry , moving onto the purchase of the business and watching them flourish and become successful. I thrive on training them well from day one, nurturing them through the first few months and then supporting them from then onwards and finally seeing them grow into successful Franchises and business owners. I enjoy supporting them with their business and or personal life as being a franchisor is not just about business.

What were some of your goals when you became a Franchisor?

I wanted to make a difference in the region in a few ways. I wanted to assist the team regularly and help a few of them get their spark back for their business. I also wanted to expand the Jim’s brand name to assist with lead generation for my team and increase the number of franchisees across the region in areas where demand was high and we were unable to service.

How do you help your team to grow in your Franchisor role?

The key to this is regular communication and support. Discussing and knowing their individual goals and working with them.

What are some challenges as a Franchisor?

There are a couple I can think of. One would be having to be professional and knowing where to draw the line with the team if there is a problem or complaint when you get along so well with them. The other challenge is the sales. Its such a great business to be in and being unable to have the ability to shout it out to the world it becomes frustrating as I know and see the potential for adequate work for more franchisees.

Is there any particular Marketing strategy/s you would advise new small business owner’s to try?

I can’t share all my secrets.

Is there a marketing strategy that you find easy or fun?

No absolutely dislike the whole process.

What next for your Franchisor Region and Team?

I have goals implemented to continue to grow the reion in numbers as there is still a large demand for our brand and each year the unserviced work continues to grow. I would like to have the opportunity to be able to have anyone on our region wanting the services of Jim’s Pool Care to be able to be attended to.

Once again, well done to Jason for your awards and all the best for the coming year.