An Interview with Josh Morgan – National Rookie of the Year

An Interview with Josh Morgan – National Rookie of the Year

A huge congratulations to Josh Morgan who recently won the 2022 Rookie of the Year Award at the Jim’s Pool Care Conference at the Gold Coast. We had the chance to sit down with James and ask him a few questions about his journey so far with the Jim’s Franchise and how he managed to start off his franchise business with such great success.

‘What initially attracted you to the Pool Cleaning Industry?’

I bought a house on the Central Coast with a pool and as a first-time pool owner I called Jim’s Pool Care for servicing. Over the following year I got to know Jason Pollack (The Central Coast / Newcastle Franchisor). I was looking to buy a business and after many discussions about the Jim’s group and the franchisee process, I liked the idea of working outdoors, running my own small business, running my own time schedule, the work life balance, the list goes on………

‘What was the most difficult part in starting and growing your business?’

I ended up buying a split of a business that came with 44 regular customers so initially hitting the road with a lot of work was challenging but it had my business rolling and bringing in income from day one. I started in March of 2022, and it rained (2000mm) for the first 6months, this brought many challenges such as storm pool recovery’s, green pools, equipment failures etc, but with the in-depth Jim’s training and fantastic ongoing support from my franchisor and local team, I was able to flourish and grow my business rapidly.

‘What motivated you to get out there each day and grow your business?’

There are many things that motivated me but being able to support my 3 boys as a single father was a big one, making good money is always highly motivating, being successful and providing a very high standard of customer service, enjoying what I do on a daily basis and being recognised for my hard work and winning Regional and National Rookie of the year in my first 12 months of business has been very rewarding.

‘What do you like most about running a business?’

I love the freedom to run my business how I want to, being able to balance work and life in a way that fits me and my life. I like the customer service side of my business and the outdoors, hands on work. I like the Jim’s model of business and the support I have received from my franchisor, my local team and the entire Jim’s group nationally.

‘What are you excited for coming into a new year?’

I’m excited to grow my business further in 2023, to challenge myself and expand my business. I’m looking forward to more work life balance and seeing where this journey can take me…….

Once again, we would like to congratulate Josh Morgan from Jim’s Pool Care Woy Woy for this great achievement, and we are expecting your continued success and more awards to follow. If you would like to learn more about starting your own successful business, visit for more info.