An Interview with Tony Robertson – Jim’s Pool Care Wembley

An Interview with Tony Robertson – Jim’s Pool Care Wembley

Tony Robertson – Jim’s Pool Care Wembley
Why you got into Jim’s Pool Care?

I got into Jim’s because of the ability to enjoy the outdoors everyday. I enjoy swimming pools and working with them seem like a good fit for me. Jim’s looked like the best model for this. It has been a really smooth ride since day one.

What benefits you see it having for you?

Gives me motivation and having a good lifestyle that comes along with this.

What the hard part is of starting a business?

Building customers to get regular cash flow coming in. It was tough initially as I was heading straight into a Perth winter. I did though have 18 customers that I started with and a part time job to fall back on which helped.

What motivates you each day to get out there and grow it?

I want to set up my Family’s future and to be comfortably well off.

What things you have done to grow it, ideally mention everything, regardless if it worked short term? 

I have done letter box drops, Community newspaper advertisements, door knocking at the start and have now a shopping centre billboard advert up in my territory.

What you really like about the business?  

It gives me a good buzz what I do. Installing pool equipment, giving right advise for the needs of the customer, seeing that satisfied customer and getting the referral calls that come through regularly now which has increased my cash flow coming in.

Where you see yourself/your business in coming years? 

Working with a strong team behind me do my regulars so I can just concentrate on doing the installs and repairs as well as taking on bigger projects commercially.

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