Autumn & Winter Pool Care Tips

Autumn & Winter Pool Care

Now that the peak of the pool season is over you will need to keep an eye on your water balance. This still means regular pool testing at home with a test kit to ensure you always have good chlorine levels or use a professional who utilises electronic water testing equipment like we use at Jim’s Pool Care. We want to reduce the chance of an algae outbreak or having water that is unsafe for swimming by providing some basic pool care tips.
Pool Tips:
1. Pool equipment running times should now be slowly reduced to 6 and then 4 hours per day depending on chlorine demand and if any swimmers are using the pool.
2. If you have a pool cover take it off regularly and visually check the pool and test water.
3. You will have to slowly reduce your salt chlorinator or chlorine doser output in line with bather load.
4. After all the rain in many states you may need to test for phosphates and ensure your salt levels are correct.
5. If you are testing yourself at home with test strips then also get the water electronically tested by a professional on a regular basis.
6. Consider regular fortnightly or monthly pool maintenance.This gives you peace of mind that the pool is safe to swim in and is quite affordable, get a free quote
7. For help with any pool problem or pool equipment quote, please consider Jim’s Pool Care. ph: 131 546 or book pool service online here

PS. We also offer pool training call outs for those that want to look after the pool themselves, but need to know more about winter pool maintenance.

Thinking about POOL HEATING this Spring? Pool Heating is a great way to maximise your pool investment and you can usually double your swimming season by installing a solar pool heating system. Our team are happy to coordinate a free quote for you so call us today on 131546 and we would be glad to help.

Happy swimming everyone.