Best Pool Filters – What’s the Difference?

Best Pool Filters – What’s the Difference?

Which is the best pool filter to use and what exactly do they do? To put it simply, the main function of a filter is to pump pool water into the filtration system, where it passes through some kind of filter medium, and then returns it back to the pool in a much cleaner form. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used filtration systems:

Sand Filters

The most commonly used filtration system is the Sand Filter. As the name suggests, these filters push pool water through a tank with finely graded sand. As the water passes through this fine sand, many of the small dirt and bacteria grains get stuck on the sand. The larger particles tend to get stuck at the surface of the sand bed in the filter system, while the other finer particles get stuck towards the bottom of the sand bed, where the sand grains are much more tightly compacted.


As time goes on, more and more particles will find themselves stuck in the sand filter. These accumulated impurities will cause the water flow to clog and the pressure gauge on the filter system will inform you that a backwash is required. This can be easily accomplished by setting the filter’s multiport valve to ‘backwash’. What this does, is reverses the water flow and sends all those unwanted particles down the ‘waste’ line. Watch this quick video for an simple demonstration:

Diatomaceous Earth (De) Filters

First of all, what is a DE filter? DE filters contain a filter medium which is actually fossilized diatoms, which is something very similar to coral. When these diatoms are crushed, they create a very fine powder which is added to the filter, and once mixed with the water it creates a slurry. Once water is filtered through this, it has a clarity which is hard to achieve by traditional water filters. However, there are a couple of downsides to this form of Filtration System. Not only are they a higher investment to begin with, they will also require more work to maintain.

Cartridge Filters

You may have seen cartridge filters before, as like sand filters, they are quite common. They are made of man made cartridges, folded into the tank like a concertina. The advantage of this form of filtration is that they do not involve a backwash line, making them perfect for spas or places where water disposal is an issue. To clean them, one must simply take them out and give them a good hosing off.

If you are ever unsure about you filtration system, or believe that it is not working at its optimum efficiency, give us a call today and we can arrange an on-site equipment inspection report. Just call 131 546 today.