Bushfires and Looking After Pools

The current bush fire emergency taking place across the East Coast of Australia has gained international attention and concern. We are now deploying Firefighters from Canada and the U.S to assist in controlling them and our thoughts go out to those who have lost and become displaced as a result of these fires.

For most of us, we are lucky enough to live a safe distance from the bush fires taking place in many rural areas. However, the smoke has been taken up by the wind and has engulfed many suburban areas and cities. This smoke can have an affect on your pool and you may have already begun to notice this take place. Please watch this quick video from our Divisional Manager, Brett Blair, explaining how you can keep your pool healthy and clear during this tough time:

You are likely to witness cloudy water due to the higher phosphate levels in your pool, which in turn could result in an algae bloom. This much higher phosphate level can come from many sources, smoke and ash in the air, from soil and dust and significantly from the aerial bombardment of fire retardants, which contain high concentrations of phosphates.

Here a few steps to take to keep your pool clear and balanced:

  1. Test the chemical balance of the pool, especially for the phosphate levels.
  2. If the pool is a little cloudy, use IQ Super Clear in conjunction with good filtration.
  3. If the pool has a higher amount of ash and debris, use IQ Fast Floc or IQ Pool Floc. Remember to increase the pH when using Flocs and always follow the instructions.
  4. Use a shock treatment of chlorine by using IQ Shock & Swim, this will assist in breaking down any organic matter that has blown into the pool and kills off bacteria and algae.

After you test the water and perhaps find an increase in phosphate levels, a treatment of IQ Nil Phos Plus is recommended.

Always remember to test your pool regularly, especially after using additional products and chemicals. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call 131 546 and one of our Pool Care Technicians will assist you as soon as they can.