Cheap Chemicals Can Come at a Cost

Cheap chemicals can lead to a cloudy or out of balance pool or to premature wear that shortens the life of equipment. If you want your pool looking good and your pool equipment to last, it’s worth spending money on good quality chemicals.

This photo shows the residue from a chemical that has been sucked up by a robotic cleaner, clogging the filters. This has the potential of costing the owners new filters or even a new robotic cleaner.

The residue also settled on pool steps, bench seat and floor, looking unsightly and was difficult to remove. It also blocked the pool filter.

Occasionally other providers or customers use a cheap chemical; ones available at non-professional sources like supermarkets, hardware stores and even service stations.

At Jim’s Pool Care we only use premium quality chemicals because we know they do a much better job, provide excellent water quality and in the end save our customers added expense.

For assistance with your pool or advice on the best chemicals to use, contact Jim’s Pool Care today ph 13 15 46.