Controlling Pool Algae

Algae is not uncommon for pool owner, but it’s not impossible to maintain and to keep your pool free of Algae if you stay on top of your pool water balance and pool equipment.

Pool Algae is a small plant growth which can take on many forms and is closely related to seaweed which is itself is a form of algae. Algae can appear in several forms but usually in swimming pools it is very small and resembles moss. Algae seeds/spores find their way into our pools by being transported by wind or are attached to debris which finds its way into the pool.

How to eliminate pool algae

The simplest way of eliminating your pool of algae is to remove nutrients it needs to grow. By keeping sanitiser levels up and removing the the nutrient ‘phosphate’ is the one of the easiest methods to help prevent or slow algae growth and thus the algae will struggle to grow. However Algae are spores are extremely small and in some cases algae has become immune to the normal sanitiser that algaecide is necessary. There are many of these chemical treatment options available and your local pool shop or Jim’s Pool Care technician can guide you on which one is the best for you. Once the algae dies, the residue will need to be brushed and vacuumed from the pool’s surface so the filtration process can take place, leaving the pool clean and clear.

To keep your pool algae free, you’ll have to maintain correct water balance and sanitiser levels, along with occasional shock dosing, which will usually keep algae at bay. Partnered with regular use of an algaecide and a phosphate removal program it’s a guarantee that your pool will stay clean and algae free all year round.

Content courtesy of SPASA Australia & Jim’s Pool Care