Does your Pool have Pool Stains?

If so this article may help.

Pool Stain Removal
As pools age many end up with pool staining from years of build up of minerals and trace metals.  These can enter the pool through the town water, tank and bore water. Minerals can also be introduced through years of adding pool salt and also with the use of copper based algaecides.

Balance your pool to minimise pool stains

Having your pool in balance can help minimise pool staining by having your pH at the correct levels of around 7.2 – 7.6 but this is often not possible to maintain without pool automation equipment and regular pool water testing.
Using a stain removal treatment is never guaranteed but it can often reduce the appearance of staining and in many cases remove completely.
Pool Stains are usually in one of two categories.
1. Organic Pool Stains – these occurs from debris, leaves and algae on the pool surface
2. Metal Pool Stains – these are from the various fors of trace metals and minerals, along with metal items left in the pool such as bottle tops, nails and screws.
There are a range of Stain Removers brands and products in the market place, so follow the instructions on the label carefully or engage one of our Jim’s Pool Care technicians for help.

IQ Stain Remover product

In this video we are using the IQ Stain Remover.  It lifted some of the staining initially but continued to work its magic over a few days and the end results were excellent. The pool in the video had some old stains (can be harder to remove) but had also had some recent staining with some cheap salt that was not properly broomed in when added to the pool.
TIP:  Always thoroughly broom in all pool salt

Best time for Stain Treatments

Winter is usually the best time to try treatments if targeting the entire pool. Usually you want low or no chlorine, a low pH and turn the system off while doing the stain treatment.  You should test the product on a smaller area first.  You can notice immediate lifting of stains or if attempting to remove stains from entire pool surface (years of build up), most stain products will continue to work for a few days by lowering the pools overall pH.
Once stains are “lifted” the stain source is effectively been put back “into solution” so you want to keep it there and ideally filter it out with a clarifier.  You can also add additional products such as a Metal Magnet that helps keep the trace metals/minerals in solution for long enough to be filtered. After a treatment you should then backwash or clean filter and re-balance your pool, and try not to bring pH up to rapidly.
For further help reach out to friendly Jim’s Pool Care team or a reputable local pool shop.
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