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Fast Recovery – Green to Blue

When we get called to a job, we really don’t know what to expect. Sometimes when we arrive, we don’t see a pool at all, but more like lagoon or deep forest lake. This job was no exception, with the deep green caused by the surrounding trees, it could easily pass a deep forest lake, though perhaps a forest lake would be a bit clearer.

Anthony from Jim’s Pool Care Mount Gravatt was called out to this one. It was not disclosed how long the pool was in this state, but we can guess it was quite a long time due to the amount of leaves that were at the bottom of the pool. When leaves are left this long, they will turn the water completely dark and it won’t be long until you cannot see the bottom anymore, due to the amount of dead particles floating around the water.

Here is what Anthony had to say about the job: ‘This pool suffered major neglect and what’s worse is that the area is very leafy and had major foliage on the pool floor. If the pool were not fiberglass, I would have drained it and cleaned it. Even when the water cleared, so that I could see the bottom, there was 12 cm of dead floc to vacuum. Definitely the worst pool I’ve ever recovered but I don’t give up! Now the customer has a new appreciation of maintenance!’

It really is amazing to see the final product of which a few days of hard work can do. Having a pool which is clear and blue, really makes such a big difference to the overall look of a backyard. It gives it an inviting feel, something you want to sit next to with a cool drink in hand, to relax and let go of the stresses of the day. If you could benefit from a pool makeover like this, just give us a call on 131 546 and we will get your pool sparkling again in no time!