Green Pool Recovery – Jim’s Pool Care Eight Mile Plains

Green Pool Recovery – Jim’s Pool Care Eight Mile Plains

Check out this Green Pool Recovery completed by Damion Burns from Jim’s Pool Care Eight Mile Plains!

This recovery took only a few days and the change is astonishing. Damion has managed to get the pool looking brand new again with his expert skills in Pool Care and Maintenance.

Do you know why a pool goes green?  Well there are a range of reasons and we have listed some below:

– Your pool salt-water chlorinator is not working or not running enough hours

– Your salt level is too low so your chlorinator cannot produce enough chlorine

– You may have high phosphates and with warmer weather your chlorine may be used up quickly and a green pool can bloom quite quickly

– You have turned off your equipment.  Some people do this in winter, and it is not a good practice.  You’re better off running your pool all year round and reduce the chance of a toxic and costly green pool recovery.  If you want advice on how to set your pool up for winter just give us a call.

With the right chemical treatment, a green pool can be recovered fast by one of our Jim’s Pool Care team, usually without draining the pool and wasting all that water.

If you have a scary green pool, or know someone that does, give Jim’s Pool Care a call today and we’ll organize a FREE on-site quote for you!