How Much Does Pool Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Pool Cleaning Cost?

This is a good question and it often depends on a few different things such as the size of the pool or whether it’s a one off clean or regular pool service program. The most important question to ask is, what do you get for the money you pay?

At Jim’s Pool care we truly believe in regular pool service and it s cheaper than most people think to have a professional pool care operator come out each month to ensure your pool is in top shape.

We also understand that many pool owners like to look after their pools but only need a hand from time to time or when there is a pool equipment problem. Again a service call to get a professional out can often be better than trying to get a pool shop to diagnose the problem remotely. Check if your pool shop does service calls first.

How much is a one-off pool clean?

Most pool service companies can charge anything between $77-$120, depending on the city or state you live in. This price is commonly referred to as the “service call” or “service charge” amount only. Basically, this is the amount charged to show up and would usually include up to one hour of labour approximately. This means that chemicals required to balance your pool water, accessories or pool equipment will be an extra charge on top of this, which is important to understand as it really depends on the condition of your pool, recent weather, rain, wind, leaves and the Electronic Test & Balance Report.

You should try to clarify this with your pool technician over the phone before you book in the service what the pool service; callout charge will be. Some operators will offer free onsite quotes which will give you a more accurate price on potential charges.

What is the difference between Pool Cleaning and Pool Servicing?

This is another good question. They pretty much mean the same thing. Often a one-off pool clean will be called a pool clean and ongoing regular pool cleaning may be called pool servicing. This is also something which should be clarified over the phone. Also confirm what water testing equipment they are using.

If it is just test strips and not digital water testing, you are really just getting a pool cleaner and a very rough approximate of what your pool water chemistry is. Sometimes paying a little more for a professional operator, with the right digital equipment can be worth it. Some of the key pool water tests that electronic testing equipment cover are:

  • Total Chlorine
  • Free Chlorine
  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Stabiliser (CNA)
  • Calcium
  • Phosphates
  • Salt
  • Copper
How much does a regular pool service cost?

At Jim’s Pool Care we recommend a regular pool service program to all our customers. Some people are quite active in testing and maintaining their pools so they may only need a professional service a few times a year, but for most of us, a regular pool service program is the best option.

If you can do a little bit yourself a monthly program should do fine and costs are usually around $77-$120 per service (depending on state & city) plus chemicals will be extra on to of this. You should also get the benefit of having your pool company on call if something goes wrong.

If you get your pool serviced more often you may be able to get a better rate, such as weekly or Fortnightly pool servicing.

How often should I get regular pool service for my pool?
After your pool has been inspected, the technician will recommend how often they should visit, but of course you can always request a certain frequency.

As a minimum, we will recommend every 4 weeks and during summer more often if possible (every 1,2 or 3 weeks). This is be sure that your pool is always read to swim in and is safe for you and your family.

Often your pool technician may reduce the service charge slightly for a regular pool service or if you book more than 4 weekly cleans. Again, the cost for a regular service program could be between $65-$95 depending on the size of the pool, time it takes to clean and frequency.

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Ask lots of questions if you are not sure

After all that, just ask lots of questions to ensure you are dealing with a pool professional, who uses electronic water testing equipment, who is transparent on their pool care charges and ensure they will personally guarantee all their work.

Contact Jim’s Pool Care if you have any problems or cannot get a local technician in your area you are comfortable with, and we will do our best if available.

Happy swimming!