How much is a pool cleaning service

How much is a pool cleaning service

How much does a pool service cost?

This is a great question and one that many customers get caught up asking when looking for someone to give their swimming pool a one off clean or even when asking for a regular pool service program.  How much does a car cost is a similar question.  Both questions need to be addressed not so much around what does it cost, but what do you get for the money you pay.

What questions should I ask when booking a pool service?

Let’s say you own a swimming pool and you need a one off clean. Most pool service companies charges between $77-$120 for a one-off pool service, depending on the city or state you live in, and the type of service being offered. This $77-$120 is what is commonly called the service call or service charge amount. It is the amount charged to show up and usually includes up to one hour of labour. It does not include chemicals, accessories or equipment which is important to understand. You should also clarify this service charge when speaking on the phone and pool chemical costs will vary each month depending on the weather, rain, bather load and electronic water test results.

Note:  This is a guide only and you should always ask your local technician for an estimate of costs, a range of costs or a firm quote (pending the type of job).

What is Pool Cleaning and Pool Servicing?

Again, great question. They are basically the same type of pool service. Often a one off visit might be called a pool clean and ongoing regular pool service might be called pool servicing.  Again, clarify the service offer over the phone.

What should be included in a Pool Service or Pool Clean

There is definitely a minimum that should be offered.  At Jim’s Pool Care we have very high standards, comprehensive training and ongoing professional development. Many have joined national and state-based associations and also have either a certificate 3 or 4 in Pool & Spa Care. This ensures we offer customers the best service and right advice.  With that being said, there are plenty of other reputable pool companies, just ask some basic questions around how they were trained, do they have any industry qualifications and what will they do for “their service” and “their fee”.

Things that should be included in the cost of a pool service
  1. Digitally Test the water.  We do not recommend test strips.  If your pool company does not use digital testing then ask them why.   Digital testing has been around for almost 20 years so all reputable companies should be using this technology.  It takes the guess work out of water testing and provides pool technicians accurate results down to the PPM (Parts Per Million).
    NOTE: Chemicals always cost extra but you should only be charged for what is required
  2. Clean Filters. Be it a Sand or Cartridge Filter the cost of your pool service includes this
  3. Adjust Timers and Clean Chlorinator Cell
  4. Scoop leaves and debris from the pool
  5. Brush the pool walls
  6. Visual Inspection of the pool condition and equipment area
  7. Empty of all Baskets

EXTRAS:  Extra costs may be incurred with a full vacuum as it can take some time (some companies may package this in), chemicals and any miscellaneous accessories required for that visit (replacing broken pool scoops, pool poles, filter pressure gauges, baskets, etc..)

How much does a regular pool service cost?

At Jim’s Pool Care we recommend a regular pool service program to all our customers. If you are very active in testing and maintaining your pool you may only need to pay for a professional pool service a few times per year but for the rest of us pool owners, a regular pool service program is best.

Your pool technician will recommend how often they should visit or you can request a certain frequency.  At a minimum, we recommend every 4 weeks and in summer more often if possible (every 1, 2 or 3 weeks). This ensures your pool is always ready to swim, is safe and healthy and you get to relax and enjoy your pool.

The next part is the monthly regular pool service costs.  What is your time and lifestyle worth? Often your pool technician may reduce the service charge slightly for a regular pool service or if you book more than 4 weekly. Again the cost for a regular service program could be between $77-$120 depending on the size of the pool, time it takes to clean and frequency (and doe not include chemicals, accessories or equipment).

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How much do the chemicals cost for a pool service?

This is the question that gets discussed most often and of course we cannot answer.  If a digital water test is done and the pool service company tests to Australian Standards, then only what is required will be added to your pool, in the diagnosed amounts.


Some of the variables around chemicals costs with each pool are:

  • Size of pool (a larger pool will require larger amounts of chemical)
  • Weather
  • Recent rainfall (can have a large effect due to dilution)
  • Bather Load on Pool
  • Shaded or Unshaded Pool
  • Pool Service Water Testing equipment (dip strips versus electronic testing)
  • Gardens and Trees around Pool
  • Winter versus summer (Temperature)


The beauty of using a pool service company is that they do all the hard work for you.  This includes carrying the heavy bags of salt to the pool and ensuring all chemicals are added correctly and safely. The main thing to remember with chemical costs would be that your pool technician should leave you with the full water test results to ensure total transparency and the individual costs of those chemicals. You will also only be charged for the amounts you need, regardless how small the quantity.


Mobile Service Charge & Pool Chemical Costs

So to finish off you need to be clear on the two charges.

  • Service charge is what you pay for their time, training and effort to help you with your pool.
  • The chemical costs are variable, but it can be cheaper than going to a pool shop as a mobile technician will only add the amounts required, where the pool shop may not know if you have 500gms of buffer at home, so you buy another 3kg bag buffer.


In summary, we believe a good mobile pool technician, on a regular service plan for your pool, is the best outcome for pool maintenance and for your time. Don’t be scared to engage a professional so long as they are transparent about their service offer, their skill set, and water testing equipment.



All the best
The Jim’s Pool Care Team.