It is that time of year when you begin to get the pool ready for swimming…

Spring Pool Tips
It is that time of year when you begin to get the pool ready for swimming. Some early maintenance on your pool before the heat arrives will save you time and money this summer. Most pool owners work on “starting up: their pool before the September school holidays so take these tips on board and get your pool ready.
1. Start to increase your pools running times and clean filters.
2. If you have a pool cover take it off and test the water and balance as required.
3. Ensure that your pool is clear of debris and baskets are kept clean from now on.
4. As pool temp rises so does chlorine demand. You will have to increase your salt chlorinator or chlorine doser output.
5. Before diving in ensure you get the water electronically tested by a professional to ensure all is safe and ready for swimming.
6. Think about getting a pool heating or pool blanket quote this spring to help you get the most from your pool investment this season.
7. Consider regular monthly pool maintenance.This gives you peace of mind and lets be honest, everyone deserves their own pool guy.

For further hints & tips call your local mobile pool technician or chat to your local Jim’s Pool Care Mobile pool shop.