How to reduce the energy cost of owning a pool

How to reduce the energy cost of owning a pool

With power prices soaring, Australians are looking for more ways to reduce their bills. Along with energy efficient bulbs and appliances, pool owners can also find substantial savings by installing new, energy efficient pool pumps.

“Many pool owners overlook the fact that their old pumps are very inefficient and gobble up hundreds of dollars worth of additional power every year,” said Brett Blair, the national owner of Jim’s Pool Care Australia.

“The pool industry has released a new range of energy-saving pumps in the last 12 months that could reduce a pool owner’s energy bills by between $300 and $500 each year.”
Brett said pool owners could save even more money if they live in one of the states offering $250 rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient pool pumps, so remember to check with your local council or state government before you buy.

“If you combine the rebate with the savings you’ll get from installing an energy-efficient pool pump, you’ll probably find that the pump pays for itself—and its installation—in just two years,” added Brett.
Jim’s Pool Care recommends the new Viron P300 Pool Pump and the Davey Silensor Eco to their customers, as these variable speed pumps operate almost silently, so they can be used overnight and be installed near boundary fences or by bedroom windows.

“If everyone installed a new, more efficient pump in their pool, they would not only save a considerable amount of money each year on their own power bills, but they would also reduce the demand on the electrical grid and reduce carbon emissions by about a tonne per pump year,” said Brett. “It would be a win-win situation.”

If you’d like more information on a new pump for your pool, Jim’s Pool Care franchisees are offering free onsite quotes this month. For more information, or to schedule your quote, visit their website at or give them a call at 131-546.