How to store and handle your pool chemicals safely

How to store and handle your pool chemicals safely

Never Mix Pool Chemicals!

Owning a pool is a lot of fun and it provides the perfect backyard oasis for escaping a hot Australian summer. As a pool owner, however, you are responsible for the safety of your pool and the equipment and chemicals used to maintain it. Chlorination is a crucial maintenance process that needs to be performed to sanitise your pool. But there are risks associated with using chlorine and water treatment chemicals which are concentrated and toxic substances. They can react violently with many common household chemicals and with each other. They must be stored with care and we can’t emphasise enough, NEVER MIX CHEMICALS TOGETHER!.

Given the volatility of pool chemicals, they can pose a dangerous health hazard if used improperly. In some cases, they can even lead to fire and/or explosion which has been reported in the media.

Rule of thumb is to always follow manufacturers recommendations that are on the labels and NEVER MIX CHEMICALS TOGETHER.  See below for general advice and further hints and tips.

Basic safety measures when handling chlorine and other pool chemicals:

  • Do not touch chlorine with bare hands (wear gloves at all times)
  • Do not breathe in the fumes (wear a mask if concerned)
  • Wear Safety Glasses at all times to prevent splash back from pouring and adding chemicals to the pool
  • Do not consume the substance
  • Do not mix chlorine with other substances
  • Do not mix different types of chlorine
  • Use only clean and dry measuring scoops that are made from plastic, metal or porcelain
  • Use separate scoops for each chemical
  • Add chemicals to water. Don’t pour water onto chemicals.
  • Wash any spilt chemicals off clothes or skin at once, using plenty of water
  • Always follow the instructions on pool chlorine containers in relation to safe handling and disposal of the product
  • If chemical is spilt, splashed, or wiped into an eye, flood the eyeball with clean running water and get to a doctor or hospital immediately

Considerations when storing your pool chemicals:

  • Keep it away from children and pets (preferably high up or in a locked cabinet)
  • Keep it away from other substances that may be combustible or in some way represent a fire hazard
  • Keep it in its original casing (clearly marked)
  • Keep in a dry, cool area
  • Ensure chemicals are separated and volatile ones are away from each other
  • Follow all the other manufacturer’s instructions

Further advice on water treatment and safety measures is available from:

  • Your Jim’s Pool Care Pool & Spa Technician
  • Your pool chemical suppliers
  • Your government health authority in your State