How to Take Care of Your Pool Cover

How to Take Care of Your Pool Cover

Taking care of your pool cover is important to save you money and time. If you have recently purchased a pool cover, or have had one for some time, we recommend these steps to extend the lifespan of the cover and avoid a VOID in your warranty. Void in warranties will occur from something called ‘owner misuse’ and which will consist of one or multiple of the following steps not being taken. Some of the most common mistakes when using a pool cover include leaving it rolled up in sun for too long or having excess chlorine in the pool. Let’s go through some other important things to keep in mind:

1. Test your water regularly to maintain correct chlorine levels.

Chlorine levels should never exceed 3 ppm. Chlorine is a corrosive agent, and your pool cover will erode quicker if there is an excess amount of chorine in the water. It is also best not to assume that your salt-water chlorinator will control the levels of chlorine in the water.

2. When shock dosing the pool water with chlorine, leave the pool cover off.

When your pool requires a shock dose of chlorine, leave your pool cover off for 48 hours to allow the chlorine levels to stabilize.

3. Do not leave the pool cover rolled up in the sun.

To get the most out of your pool cover, it is best practice to store it in complete shade and not just merely a shade cloth. Heat from the sun will cause the pool cover to erode and you will soon notice damage strips across the cover, resulting in delamination. In extreme cases, it can even cause the material to become molten and weld onto itself.

4. If long storage is required, hose down thoroughly before hand.

Washing the pool cover on both sides thoroughly with fresh water will remove excess pool chemicals and will stop any chlorine residue from burning the cover.

5. If one is available, always use an ‘over-cover’ whenever the cover is on the roller.

Most pool covers come with an ‘over-cover’ which is used to protect the cover when it is on the roller. Some ‘over-covers’ even protect the pool cover from direct sunlight, but always ensure you check this before using the over-cover for this purpose.

Pool covers are beneficial in so many ways, they save you money on chemicals and water due to less water evaporation, and they save you time in cleaning the leaves and debris out of the pool. They also trap heat in the water so you can extend your swimming months and enjoy a nice water temperature throughout many more months of the year. At Jim’s Pool Care, we recommend Daisy Pool Covers as they provide the best pool covers at affordable prices, not to mention their outstanding customer service. If you would like to learn more about pool rollers, click here. If you would like to learn more about the pool covers available for you, visit: or call your local Jim’s Pool Care Expert today on 131 546.