Jim’s Group New Slogan – Your Local Expert

Jim’s Group New Slogan – Your Local Expert

The Jim’s Group is one of the most well-known franchise systems in Australia and you may not know this, but it is also the biggest franchise group in the Southern Hemisphere. This dynamic and ever-growing franchise system did not just become successful for no reason. The simple reason is because those individuals that own a Jim’s franchise business are highly knowledgeable in their field, they know what they are doing, and they are local.

After Jim Penman arranged for some market research at the Jim’s Group headquarters, it was noticed that many of our customers had a misconception regarding the location and the expertise level of our franchises. While our franchise owners are all local, many people consider the Jim’s Group to be a big company that is far away from them, and that it was operated by everyday people with general knowledge in their chosen field.

This is simply not the case, our Jim’s franchisees are indeed local, we have franchises everywhere in Australia and are all fully trained in their specific Division. So, we don’t just have general knowledge in our field, we believe that we have the latest knowledge in all things relating to the services we offer. Not only do many of our franchise owners come into business with background knowledge and degrees, they also go through rigorous training before they even begin taking on new work and customers.

Take as an example the Jim’s Pool Care division. Before one of our Pool Care technicians can even see their first customer, they undertake weeks, sometimes months of training both on the road and in the classroom. Not only do they begin their journey with extensive classroom and in field training, but this learning continues throughout their entire careers with regular team meetings and product training. We continue to provide them with up-to-date practices and new technological innovations that really do make them experts in their field.

But our training does not just stop at technical advice and knowledge, we train our Jim’s Pool Care franchise owners to be experts in customer service also. We pride ourselves on not only giving the best knowledge on pool care advice, but also the best customer service practices. We treat all our clients and customers with respect and honesty as we truly appreciate their business. To put it simply, we value them.

So next time you are unsure if calling Jim’s Pool Care is going to get you in touch with a LOCAL EXPERT, put your mind at ease. We are here, we are local, and we are experts.