Jim’s Pool Care is Partnering with Maytronics Robotics

Jim’s Pool Care is Partnering with Maytronics Robotics

Jim’s Pool Care has recently partnered with Maytronics Robotics to offer an official Jim’s Robotic Pool Cleaner. This Premium Cleaner has been called the one of the best Dolphin Pool cleaners ever made, built on a brand new and a highly advanced robotic platform.

Chris Papa, Business Director at Maytronics Australia, says that he is happy to finally be teaming up with another leader in the pool cleaning industry. “We have known about Jim’s Pool Care for some time and have always had a close relationship with the team, it was about time we collaborated together and got some cool products out to the market. It just made sense to put our two brands together and deliver a great product which is reliable and of the highest quality.”

Brett Blair, General Manager at Jim’s Pool Care, was equally excited about the partnership. “These guys have been world leaders in pool cleaning robotics for decades, so it was a no brainer to create a robot together, one that the Jim’s Group would be proud to have affiliated with our logo and brand. It is clear to see that this partnership is well overdue, and the quality of the Jim’s Dolphin Robot is nothing less than what we would expect from such a partnership.” Having just reached the milestone of hitting 100 franchisees’, the team have already had great success in demonstrating the benefits of a robotic pool cleaner to pool owners across Australia.

Maytronics first started their journey in 1982 with the invention of a Robotic Pool Cleaner by Peter Rasch from South Africa. Just a year after this invention, Maytronics pioneered their launch of the world’s first domestic and commercial robotic pool cleaners under the name – Dolphin and Dolphin Plus. From here it was only a matter of time until they were recognized as the worldwide quality standard. Today, they celebrate their 35thyear as the world premier robot pool cleaning company, with many more innovations and surprises to come.

The beauty of these robotic pool cleaners is that they allow your skimmer box to skim. They also have an average of only 5c an hour to operate, not to mention the many hours you save not having to vacuum those leaves anymore. With an active brushing system, they have the power to scrub away algae and bacteria. Plus, with its PowerStream Mobility and patented multi-directional jets, it maintains a constant grip on vertical surfaces for more efficient cleaning along the walls and waterline.

This highly advanced robot comes with a clever clean technology which scans the pool to ensure a complete pool clean in 2 hours or less. And if you still feel that a spot needs to be redone, it comes with a manual navigation system through the use of the My Dolphin app, to manually and quickly clean hard-to-reach spots. With a weekly timer and a regular/fast mode, you can always be in control of the cleaning schedule and cycle.

Stop wasting your time vacuuming those leaves out of the pool, only to have more leaves fall in within days. With a Jim’s Robotic Pool Cleaner from Maytronics, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality robot pool cleaner on the market, delivered by the greatest Jim’s Pool Care Experts. They even offer a free onsite demonstration in some cities, so call today to see for yourself.