Jim’s Pool Care – leading the way in customer service

Jim’s Pool Care – leading the way in customer service

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As the leading pool care and service company in Australia, Jim’s Pool Care have sought out the best ways to advise and support customers on the methods of pool maintenance and care. Consequently, our customers receive a standard of service that we believe is far superior to all other outlets. This focus on ensuring we provide our customers with amazing service has helped secure our success in the market and helped us grow as a group.

Our franchisees take it upon themselves to always learn more about the pool industry and be the best they can be in their business. And this is aside from the formal training that they receive as part of their franchise membership. Indeed, it is part of Jim’s Pool Care’s Mission Statement, “Service will exceed customers’ expectations and water care will be made simpler with easy to understand and consistent advice.”

General Manager and owner of Jim’s Pool Care Australia, Brett Blair, says “Customer service is the hallmark of our business and we strive to deliver the best to our customers, always going the extra mile. We have streamlined our start-up processes and delivered comprehensive training models to new franchisees so that they are completely prepared to offer a full service to customers and deliver on our promise”.

“There have been instances where a customer has asked us to tend to their pool, and our pool technician has ended up building them an enclosure for their pool pump, or helping to rehome wayward carp living in the pool.”, Blair says.

By raising the standards around pool industry accreditation, being part of SPASA Australia, and ensuring ongoing professional development, Jim’s Pool Care is preparing for the future and ensuring its knowledge and expertise is up-to-the-minute. It recently won a series of awards at the SPASA Industry Awards in each state, a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that its franchisees have put into growing their businesses.

In another example of continual improvement, Jim’s Pool Care has just adopted a revolutionary new smartphone app that handles time-consuming routine tasks, meaning our franchisees are saving hours in their working day, freeing them up to see more customers and deliver superior customer service.

Brett says that he believes the future of pool care in Australia will be delivered around more educated and qualified pool technicians who have engaged technology to deliver a premium and consistent service.

The Jim’s Pool Care team is looking forward to seeing how we can continue to improve the experience for our customers and deliver beyond their expectations.


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