Jim’s Robot Cleaner by Maytronics

Jim’s Robot Cleaner by Maytronics

The new Jim’s Pool Care DB2 Robot by Maytronics is your one stop shop for an advanced Robotic Pool Cleaner. Its features list the most up-to date technology including the PowerStream™ Mobility System which provides an effective pool clean on all surfaces – including the wall, floor and waterline for a totally spotless clean.

This impressive Robotic Pool Cleaner is also Australia’s first to be Climate Care Certified. This means that not only is this robot Climate Friendly, you will also SAVE on water, energy bills and get better water filtration.

Just like any high functioning robot cleaner from your favourite Sci-fi film, this cleaner comes with a scanning system which allows it to search and destroy any foreign object that has found its way into your pool. Coupled with its effective filtering system, you can be sure that any pool surface and shape will be left spotless and the water crystal clear.

Do you remember us mentioning the PowerStream™ Mobility System, will this system creates multi-directional water jets and which allows the robot to stick down to the pool surface. This superior grip enables constant contact on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. The advantage of this system is that it improves navigation and cleaning capacity whilst ensuring the pool walls and waterline are properly cleaned.

BONUS: Now comes with the patented “Swivel Cord” to help minimise tangling.

Maytronics has teamed up with Jim’s Pool Care to deliver this Robotic Pool Cleaner to our customers and has even allowed us to throw in a Caddy for the robot which allows it to be stored safely and securely.

If your interested in never having to worry about those leaves in your pool again, call us today and speak with your local Jim’s Pool Care Expert to find out more today: 131 546