Joint Winners of Franchisee of the Year 2020 – James Steltenpool & Adrian Bradshaw

Joint Winners of Franchisee of the Year 2020 – James Steltenpool & Adrian Bradshaw


In what was a very interesting year for Australia, 2020 also turned out to be a very interesting year for Jim’s Pool Care and their top award for Franchisee of the Year. With so many great stories coming in from around Australia the list was shortened to two but they could not be split.  So in the end the judges gave our two Awards.  So the winners of the coveted Jim’s Pool Care Franchisee of the Year Award went to Adrian Bradshaw (QLD) and James Steltenpool (NSW).

General manager Brett Blair told us “both James and Adrian did an amazing job over the last 12 months to build their businesses, follow the systems, provide amazing service to customers and do the Jim’s Pool Care brand proud. The speed at which these two relatively new business owners grew their businesses was impressive. There is no shortcut, and they both got stuck into it and did their best.  I am so happy for both of them and their award is well deserved”.

James Steltenpool wins this 2020 award off the back of his 2019 National Award for Rookie of the year and has continued his business journey with impressive year on year growth. Brett commented that “while James has the pool industry in his blood, working for mum and dad when he was younger, he has taken this next step as a small business owner and done himself proud. I just love seeing younger people taking calculated risks and getting into business at a young age. Business is not for everyone and we all know what can happen if you do not apply yourself. James has worked closely with his Franchisor over the last 12 months, keeps setting goals and achieving them and even makes time to give back by supporting newer franchisees where he can. I really wish him every success”.

Adrian been a great asset to the Jim’s Pool Care team since joining in 2018. Adrian’s background in engineering has helped him adapt quickly to the troubleshooting and equipment side of the business.  Adrian has worked hard in building relationships in the local community and continues to educate himself  on best practices within the pool industry.  He is an active member in his local BNI Chapter and works closely with several local pool builders who all sing his praise for reliability and the way in which he works with their customers.

The General Manager of Jim’s Pool Care in Australia, Brett Blair told us “I have had the pleasure of working closely with Adrian and his business journey.  I just knew that his “can do” attitude with customers and helping pool owners would put him in good stead to grow a successful business. Adrian won the  top QLD SPASA Award last year all for best Infield Technician and to now win our top award for 2020 as Jim’s Pool Care Franchisee of the year is just excellent and I am very privileged to have watched that business growth.  I wish Adrian all the best for his next set of goals and if know if he puts his head down he will achieve them”.

A HUGE Congratulations again to these two amazing entrepreneurs, we are so proud to have both James and Adrian as part of the Jim’s Pool Care Team. We look forward to seeing who the 2021 winners may be and what the rest of the year brings these two as we are sure there will be plenty more awards to come!


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