Maytronics X40 plus Robotic Pool Cleaner from Jim’s Pool Care

Maytronics X40 plus Robotic Pool Cleaner from Jim’s Pool Care

Robotic pool cleaners are taking the world by storm. Traditionally a commercial cleaner now these Robotics are available to all domestic pool owners, with a range of options, features and price points.

This video demonstrates how a 4 year old can empty the top loading basket, hose it out, put the basket back in and launch the cleaner again. With a self draining point these latest models are easier and lighter to remove from the pool.

The beauty of these robotic pool cleaners is that they allow your skimmer box to skim. Jim’s stock the full range of Maytronics pool cleaners and would be happy to discuss the benefits with any pool owner. In some cities we can also offer a free onsite demonstration.

Jim’s Branded Robot by Dolphin is also now available!

Robotic Pool Cleaner of the Month

Jim’s Exclusive Robotic Pool Cleaner by Dolphin

This amazing Robotic Pool Cleaner is available form your local Jim’s Pool Care Mobile Pool Shop
Ideal Pool Length 12m in length
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Wall, Waterline
Mobility System Power Stream
Cable Length 15m
Weight 7.5kg
Filtration Ultra-fine cartridge filtration
Power Supply On/Off Weekly timer
Warranty 24 Months (LIMITED)