Must watch if your looking for a change or buying a business

Must watch if your looking for a change or buying a business

Must watch if your looking for a change or buying a business
Must watch Video below from Seek for everyone
We have Franchise opportunities at Jim’s Pool Care
…but we also offer a change in your life that may help meet your own personal, family and financial goals.

At Jim’s Pool Care we partner with Seek Commercial to promote our Business Opportunities. When we are looking for a new Franchisee to join our system we usually receive an enquiry, have a chat, send you some information and then have our initial meeting.

A key question we ask is WHY? Why do you want to get into business? We may ask it several times and several different ways, but it is a critical question at this point in the process. If your WHY is strong enough it is a good sign that you may have the motivation and mindset to succeed in business. But lets get to the point of the post. We liked the below advert so much we just had to share it.

We asked Brett Blair, owner and Divisional Franchisor for Jim’s Pool Care Australia to watch it and he gave the below response. “Wow, amazing ad. It pulled my heart strings. This ad is not about getting into business or changing jobs, it is about “what am I doing now, and can I be better, or happier, or even doing something that I am genuinely interested in or love every day. It got me thinking, do we ever really ask friends or loved ones ‘hey guys, do you think I can do better?’”.

This got us thinking. We want everyone to watch this. Not to sell more franchises, but to ask themselves the question. We all can’t just up and quit our jobs tomorrow, but we do think that maybe all of us need to review where we are at on some sort of regular basis.

What ever your goals are, we wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the video.

Short Interview with a Jim’s Pool Care Franchise Owner – 2 Years in…

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