New Clear Daisy Pool Cover

New Clear Daisy Pool Cover

One of our favourite suppliers of the latest technology in the Pool Cover industry is Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers. Daisy have just released the new 350 illusion solar pool cover, which takes on the natural colour of the pool surface.

This impressive Pool Cover might look “cool”, but it also keeps the heat in and saves 97% of water evaporation, saving you on money, chemicals and time.

Derek Prince from Daisy Pool Cover said, “We’re really excited to launch this solar pool cover. For customers that have carefully selected their pool colour to complement their backyard, why not give them the option to show their pool colour while still allowing them to save water, time, money and heat.”

This pool cover shimmers in the sunlight and from some angles, can appear white. But it will mostly take on the natural colour of the pool. Not to mention it was released under Daisy’s Cost Effective range, meaning it will also be affordable.

As with all of Daisy Pool Covers products, this pool cover features the Daisy trademarked UltraDomeTM technology which outperforms all others in terms of durability and insulation.

The new 350 illusion Pool Cover is also Smart Approved Watermark certified and Climate Care Certified. With all the best technology, environmentally friendly and cost effective assurances, you can’t go wrong with this new and stylish Daisy Pool Cover.

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