New Pool Care Technology – What is Ozone Swim?

New Pool Care Technology – What is Ozone Swim?

At Jim’s Pool Care, we are always looking out for new technology which will benefit our clients. Maytronics has introduced one such technology, which provides an exciting new element to your everyday swimming experience. This new technology is called ‘Ozone Swim’, and provides water purification giving you a water quality which eliminates any discomfort to the skin and eyes; not to mention the crystal-clear water it produces.

This new technology is unique on the market today, it’s the only technology that combines the power of Ozone bacteria elimination and mineral/saltwater chlorination. This creates water that is soft, odour free and hygienic for your pool or spa. The interesting aspect of Ozone technology is its ability to break down many types of harmful water contaminants like bacteria, organics, impurities and even viruses! That is why Maytronics are calling this patent pending technology ‘Corona Discharge’, simply because of its power to destroy harmful viruses trapped in the water.

Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidiser that our planet produces, which is a powerful sanitising agent. It is the element that the ozone layer consists of. This oxidiser is commonly used in many industries to sanitise both air and water. As an example, if you drink bottled water, chances are it was sanitised by Ozone. How does it do that? Well, to attempt to put it in simple terms, when Ozone breaks down into oxygen, a lone oxygen atom is produced which seeks and destroys harmful water contaminants and breaks them down.

Ozone technology will allow you to experience superior water quality without the harmful use of unsafe chemicals, as it does not create any residual chemicals during the process of breaking down harmful bacteria – it decomposes into simple oxygen molecules. Plus, this increased oxygenation in the water will assist in maintaining therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water. Many customers even talk about how their pool water feels noticeably softer.

To summarize, Ozone is a system that is a smart, environmentally friendly choice for pools and spas. Not only does it reduce chlorine levels by up to 80%, it also destroys organics, bacteria and even viruses in the water. This means you can say goodbye to irritated skin and eyes from swimming in your pool and spa. You and your family can swim for hours on end without suffering any negative effects caused by high levels of chemicals in the water. It is also a product which will save you money in the long run due to the reduced requirement for chemicals, prolonging the life of your equipment and lowering operation costs.

So, if you think that this choice is as crystal clear as you want your water to be, choose Ozone swim and speak to a Jim’s Pool Care expert today for a free on-site quote.